Canada PTE Score Requirement for 2024

To immigrate to Canada, excelling English proficiency through the Pearson Test of English (PTE) is essential for various visa types. PTE score required for Canada, vary based on the purpose of your visa application. Minimum PTE score for student visa is 58. Work visas typically require scores ranging from 50 to 65, depending on the employer’s requirements. For permanent residency, a minimum PTE score for Canada, is 65. Understanding these requirements is essential for planning your move to Canada in 2024, whether for study, work, or settlement.


PTE score for Canada student visa are for admission purposes. Universities and colleges prioritise PTE scores for Canada, as it is one of the most reliable English language proficiency tests, compared to other tests like IELTS and TOEFL.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

Canada is a very popular choice when it comes to finding excellent educational institutions and great learning opportunities. Students from all over the world prioritise Canada as their educational need, due to its multicultural society, safe environment, and exciting campus life. Studying in Canada isn’t just about moving to another country, it’s about getting hands-on numerous benefits. Understanding how much PTE score required for Canada student visa may help you get access to world-class education, explore different types of cultures, research various opportunities, and lead yourself to a path to success.

How Much PTE Score Required for Canada Student Visa

To study in Canada, students must obtain good scores to get a student visa. It’s crucial to understand that there is a specific Canada PTE score requirement. The minimum PTE score required for a Canada student visa should be between 50-60. However, everything entirely depends on the institutions and programs. Most of the institutions in Canada set a minimum score for the PTE test. But most of the time, it required at least 50 in each section (Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening)PTE Score for Canada Student Visa.

Understanding Canada PTE Score Requirement

PTE Score for Canada Student Visa Structure

The PTE Academic test scoring structure is completely dependable on a scale of 10 to 90. At every score, a student is getting a specific level of English proficiency. The better the student scores, the better their English proficiency level they have. By holding higher scores students can indicate better proficiency in English. Each section of the test is carefully scored, to give accurate overall scores. The PTE test consists of four sections, from Speaking and Writing to Reading and Listening. It covers every necessary aspect to give accurate results on student performance.

  • Speaking: It helps students to communicate in English without hesitation.
  • Writing: Makes it easier to focus on practising grammar and writing skills.
  • Reading: Understanding written English and working on accurate pronunciations.
  • Listening: Access the ability to understand different accents and come up with professional replies.

Comparison with IELTS and TOEFL

There are different English proficiency test options available, so why just PTE? When comparing PTE with other English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL, PTE offers many benefits to students. IELTS is scored on a scale of 0-9, on the other hand, TOEFL is scored out of 120. By choosing PTE’s 10-90 scale, it becomes easier for students to get access to English proficiency. For many students PTE’s computer-based test is much more reliable and fits their needs, also offering quick and accurate results.

Top Universities & their Canada PTE Score Requirement


Every top university has different Canada PTE score requirement for their programs. Students must have the necessary English language skills to succeed in their academic journey. Here are a few top universities with Canada PTE score requirements.

College NameLocationPTE Score Requirement
Centennial CollegeOntario60+
Conestoga CollegeOntario50+
Douglas CollegeBritish Columbia56+
George Brown CollegeOntario54 overall, minimum 50 in each skill band
Humber CollegeOntario60+
Langara CollegeBritish Columbia59 overall, minimum 50 in each skill band
Mohawk CollegeOntarioMinimum overall band score of 61 with no band less than 56
Seneca CollegeOntarioMinimum score of 60 for degree and graduate programs
Sheridan CollegeOntario60+
Southern Alberta Institute of TechnologyAlberta53+
Algonquin CollegeOntarioMinimum of 60 with no section score under 53
Alexander CollegeVancouver60 overall, >60 in writing
Durham CollegeOntario58-64
Fleming CollegeOntario56+
Niagara CollegeOntario53-58

Minimum PTE Score Required for a Canada Student Visa 


Meeting the minimum PTE score is essential for a Canada Student Visa. Diploma programs require an overall score of 45, Bachelor’s programs need 50, and advanced programs require 65. Each section has specific minimums. Practice through mock tests, improve English skills, and seek guidance for a successful application..

Undergraduate Programs

If students are looking to enrol in undergraduate programs in Canada, then it’s a must to own a PTE score from 55 to 65. Most of the undergraduate programs are in need of a PTE score ranging from 55-65, and individual sections must hold at least 50 scores.

  • University of Toronto: Minimum PTE score requirement for Canada should be 60 scores, with at least 50 scores in each section of the test.  
  • University of British Columbia: The minimum score required here should be not less than 62, which means at least 53 in each section.

Postgraduate Programs

Postgraduate programs are required to have a higher PTE score when it is compared to undergraduate programs. Overall PTE score must be between 60-70, with a minimum of 55 scores in each section, if students want to successfully get themselves enrolled in postgraduate programs.

  • McGill University: They require a minimum overall score to be 65, with at least 57 in each section of the test.
  • Simon Fraser University: The minimum score required here should be not less than 63, which means at least 55 in each section.

Diploma and Certificate Programs

Diploma and certificate programs do not require a higher PTE score and could also be valuable for students. It often has a lower PTE score when compared to degree programs. The overall PTE score required for diploma and certificate programs must be 50-60, with a minimum of 50 scores in each section.

  • Humber College: It requires a minimum of 55 scores, with at least 50 scores in each section of the test.
  •  Seneca College: They require a minimum overall score to be 50, with at least 45 in each section of the test.

Essential Tips to Achieve the Minimum PTE Score Required for Canada


The PTE exam has specific way of prepping to obtain minimum PTE score required for Canada. Here is a guideline you can use to prepare for this exam.

Decide your target score for PTE
Frist step is to define the score you wish obtain for any particular type of visa or to get enrolled in specific university in Canada. For example, you will require minimum score of 56+ points in PTE Academic if you want to obtain admission and graduate from Fleming College, Central Ontario. Similarly, you will require minimum score of 60 points in PTE Academic if you want to a specific program type (Doctoral/PhD, Post Graduate/Graduate, Undergraduate, Associate Degree, Diploma, Certificate, or Non-Award) from Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, Canada.

Prep for format of the exam:
The PTE exam is categorized into different sections, like – reading, writing, speaking and listening. The type of questions asked in each section are also unique. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the sections so you know what to expect, including the time limit given to each section.

Go through previous papers:
PTE’s official website provides resources like mock tests and sample questions to study and prepare productively. You can download various resources from their site by enrolling in the PTE preparation course as well.

Improve your English vocabulary:
Build a reading habit, to read English newspapers, documentaries, listening to podcasts, watching English programs, lectures, interviews, conversations, etc.

Excel your Grammar Skills:
English has a specific grammatical structure to follow while speaking or writing. You can learn from online grammar courses or through the use of English Grammar textbooks.

Practice to talk in English:
Practice your reading speed and accuracy, learn to skim and scan for important information. Write different types of essays and summaries while paying attention to organization, vocabulary, and clarity.

Minimum PTE Score Criteria for Work and Permanent Residency Visas in Canada

Work Permit Visa :
For general work permits, candidates typically need to achieve a PTE score that corresponds to the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 7. This means you should aim for PTE scores in the range of 60-68 for reading, 69-78 for writing, 60-70 for listening, and 68-75 for speaking​.

Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs):
For those applying through the Express Entry program or Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), achieving the minimum PTE score equivalent to CLB 7 is essential. Higher PTE scores can greatly enhance your overall CRS score, thereby improving your chances of being selected for PR​.

Permanent Residency (PR) Visa:
For permanent residency, PTE scores are very crucial. As of recent updates, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) accepts PTE Core scores for PR applications. Applicants generally need to meet or exceed CLB level 7, which translates to PTE scores of 60-68 for reading, 69-78 for writing, 60-70 for listening, and 68-75 for speaking​ (Landmark)​​ (Nationwide Visas)​. Higher scores can significantly improve your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, improving your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR.​


How to Submit PTE Scores for Visa Application?

When applying for a student visa, your PTE score should be a part of your application. It’s crucial to submit it along with all the documents to the visa application centre. Ensure the required documents and PTE scores match your dream university requirements PTE Score for Canada Student Visa.

Why is it important to achieve the required PTE score for studying in Canada?

To start your academic journey in Canada, the required PTE score must match the institutional requirements.  Having proficiency in the English language allows students to get entry into the best universities in Canada. Better score is the key to better educational opportunities.

How can I start preparing early for the PTE exam?

Starting to prepare early for your exam preparation is crucial. Try to identify your weaknesses and improve your English skills. Understand the test structure and practice regularly to obtain good scores.  Try to be consistent and give your best for the preparation of the exam.

What resources can I use for PTE exam preparation and what should I do if I need help?

Study materials, online resources, and practice tests can help you enhance your exam preparation. Build up the right strategies, and seek assistance from experts to clarify your overall doubts regarding the PTE requirement for Canada. You may also take advice from tutors who could provide you with all the necessary information.

Is PTE Accepted in Canada for PR (Permanent Residency)?

Yes, PTE Core is accepted for Canada PR applications, but not PTE Academic. It’s limited to economic immigration programs like Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, and Canadian Experience Class. Minimum CLB scores vary depending on the program applied for, so ensure you meet the specific requirements.


To study in Canada, all international students must be able to obtain an accurate Canada PTE score. As PTE is one of the most popular choices Canada PTE score requirement is between 50-60. The PTE test score is usually measured on a scale of 10 to 90, with a minimum PTE score for Canada 50-60, each from speaking and writing to reading and listening owning different required scores.  


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